Super Heavy Duty DoorDex 22 Door Right Swing
Super Heavy Duty DoorDex V.2 Universal  22 Door -

Super Heavy Duty DoorDex 22 Door Right Swing

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DoorDex V.2 is a 22 Sample Door Display and will Swing Right as shown in the photo above 👆🏻

kitchen cabinet sample door display  

Back of sample door 


This Hinges from V.2 will not fit on the Original DoorDex Rails because it’s a thicker gauge pin. 

Vertical Hinges Sample door Display

Doordex v.2 Steel Right Swing 22 Door Kit includes

  • 2 x 39" Steel Angle Rails, pre-drilled for 22 Sample doors of any size.
  • 22 Pairs of Steel hinges, enough to hang 22 sample doors
  • 88 #6 flat head screws for mounting hinges to sample doors
  • 1 Instruction manual 

DoorDex V2 setup basic steps 

Mount Rails to Wall or Selection Center any height Cabinet Sample Door, Color Block or Hardware Board.

(all doors must be of equal height)

Attach hinges with the longer pin to the top sample door and shorter pin on the bottom of the sample door. 

Hang Sample Doors Insert doors into the rails and done.

Samples can be removed simply by lifting it up and swing it outward.