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Original DoorDex 15 Right Swing - Displaydex.com

Original DoorDex 15 Right Swing

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The above photo is a Right Swing kit.  


DoorDex 15 Display kit Includes

2 X 45"  "L" Shaped  Brackets (one for the top and one for the bottom) 

15 X Pairs of hinges that affix to sample door top and bottom 

15 X Plastic Washers to fit on the lower hinges for smooth swinging.

60 X 1/2" flat head #6 Screws for mounting hinges to sample door.

16 X Washers used to prevent overdrive when mounting rails to a wall.

1 X Paper instruction manual


DoorDex Setup basic steps

Mount Brackets to Wall or Selection Center 

Any size sample door will fit as long as all doors are the same height.

Attach hinges

Mount the longer pin to the top sample door and shorter pin on the bottom of the sample door. 

Hang Sample Doors 

Insert sample doors into the brackets and the setup is complete.

Samples can be removed simply by lifting it up and swing it outward. 

Technical Specs & Highlighted Feathers 

The Aluminum Brackets are 1”x1” L shaped with 8 holes to mount the bracket to the wall and 30 holes to place up to 30 Sample doors on the rack. 
The brackets can be cut down to any size,using a metal grinder. 
There is a 1.5" spacing between each of the 30 holes.

The Sample door mounting hinges include a starter grove to allow the screws to sit flush once screwed in place.