As a successful salesman for a nationwide cabinetry corporation, Eli Lovi spent years on the road meeting customers and touring showrooms of all kinds. It very rapidly became obvious that showrooms everywhere needed an organizational solution for the hundreds of sample cabinet doors they acquired over time.

DisplayDex began as a simple solution to keeping sample door displays organized. Eli used his experience in the cabinetry industry to create an innovative cabinet door display system where sample doors are hung neatly on racks for easy access and viewing.

Today Eli and DisplayDex revo lutionize showrooms with products geared to improve sample door presentation. DisplayDex items facilitate smooth salesmanship and welcoming retail areas. Eliminating the disorder of sample doors, DisplayDex systematizes samples and transforms dealerships, enhancing the consumer experience.

Cut your clutter in half, and double the efficiency and beauty of your showroom with DisplayDex today.